Joy filled evening of life

Joy filled evening of life

I, Kalyanikutty P.Nair, joined NirmalaNikethan senior citizens’ home on 10th October 2018 as I wanted to spend my evening of life meaningfully. I lost my husband in 2015 and my son in the year 2007. My only daughter and her husband live in Australia. Joining this home is my personal choice. During my search for a place of stay, I came across this home and I was drawn to it. My daughter gave consent to it and with her and agreement, I am here in this beautiful home.

Its natural beauty and the free space available for morning and evening walk attracts me. It’s a lovely place surrounded by greeneries. The fine-looking building with balconies and the flower garden along the walkways add beauty to the place. The interior décor of the rooms is really attractive. The floor has glazed tiles and the sidewalls have designer glazed tiles and light shade colour painting. The washroom is spacious with glazed tiles on its side walls. The room has a very large wardrobe and cots mattress, glass topped table and chairs. The beautiful texture of the building, room and the presence of sisters make me feel that I am in the right place and I am blessed with the best.

I am served with good, wholesome, tasty food as per my choice. The beautiful Chapel, in the ground floor available at any time to spend time with our Divine Master. I do get chances to attend Church services to meet my spiritual needs.

I was brought to the home on wheel chair, unable to walk and with many other complications related to my health. Sisters took good care of me and I have become a different person today. I feel healthy and happy with the friendly visits and accompaniment of our sisters and staff here. I sincerely appreciate their availability round the clock. The love and concern they show to us is overwhelming. I remain grateful to God for leading me to this place. I remain happy, contented and I know well that I am at the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time.

My daughter living in Australia constantly keeps in touch with me and sisters over here. She is very happy to know that I am cared well and improve my health day by day. She is peaceful as I am in the safe hands. The home celebrates various occasions like birth days feast days etc. Those are beautiful occasions to gather together as a family and share the meal, joy laughter etc. It adds life to my days.



Nirmala Nikethan senior citizen Home, brings much happiness and contentment to my life. I, Ms. Ritamma feels that I am in the right place to spend the evening of my life.Besides the sociability of sisters, the natural beauty of the place, garden, open space, fishpond etc. captivate me.One of the reasons for choosing this home is that, I strongly felt that I will be cared well by the sisters and will be able to enjoy the rest of my life. Spending time bymyself in communion with my Divine Master is one of the prioritiesof my life. It is also a great joy for me to keep in touch with my close relations and to know that they are concerned about me. To live in a home like this, is my choice, and I enjoy all what the home provides.

The beautiful texture of the building, room, and the presence of sisters make me think that I have made the best choice to live my evening of life. I love the flowers and the greenery around. The pathways around the building are very apt for morning and evening walk. During the rainy season, I enjoy walking through the long corridor. I have great devotion to St. Anthony. Indeed, finding a statue of St. Anthony here as I came for the admission surprised me.It gave me confidence and deep within me I felt that this is the place God has prepared for me to rest and enjoy.

I happened to fall sick for some time after reaching here, but I was given all the care I needed.I appreciate the concern and care of the sisters during those days in the home and hospital as well. They spent much of their time with me, made visits to hospital everyday to know my health condition. Even though I had my nephew to take care of my hospital needs, the sisters were there to give me all the assistance I needed at that time. I feel lucky to be a part of the home, which takes utmost care of persons like me.

Days are passing swiftly. I enjoy spending time in the beautiful Chapel, at the ground floor. I do attend Church services to meet my spiritual needs and I receive the necessary spiritual help whenever I am in need. Priests come to the home once a week for the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. In every aspect, I like the freedom, space and the facilities provided here. I remain thankful to God for all the blessings.

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