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Senior Citizens Home Entering the evening of life could be understood differently by different people.  For some it could mean the end of an active life, while for others it might be retiring from some official work or duties, while yet for some it could mean a time of rest. However, it is a call to come Home to oneself. It is a time to sit back and garner the fruitfulness of one’s life and savour what has been. It is a time to get re-connected with the creator in deeper communion; a time to ent...



  • Dining hall and food services
  • Chapel
  • Recreation
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Security
  • Medical care
  • Visit of Relatives and Short Stay

Salient Features

Nirmala Nikethan Senior Citizens Home offers services and facilities that focus on the wellbeing and comfort of its residents. Some of the features of the place are:

  • Homily atmosphere with a vast area of farmland for residents to move around Safe and secure building and campus
  • Close to the churches and other centres of prayer and worship
  • Skilled and dedicated personnel to provide assistance and care
  • Spacious rooms with attached bathrooms and balconies
  • Living rooms and guest rooms
  • Quality food services
  • In-house medical facilities

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 The residents are assured of safety and security with round the clock security personnel in the campus.

 Yes. There is provision for safes and locked drawers in the bedrooms.

 Yes, residents can bring a few of their own furniture and belongings and make use of the space provided in the bedroom. They are not permitted to keep pets with them.

Residents are allowed to choose their daily routine. However, they are to consider the set timings of the House for meals and other activities.

 Yes. Residents can have their choice of clothes to wear.

Yes. The residents are allowed to change rooms at a later date with the permission of the Manager of the House.

Family members and close relatives of the residents are allowed to visit between 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. Limited facilities are available for relatives who wish to stay overnight. Availability of space depends on prior intimation, booking and payment.

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Nirmala Nikethan Senior Citizen Home
Payyal, Nedungapra P.O
Ernakulam Dist - 683 545

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